Stock Market Basics: What Makes Stock Prices Rise and Fall

The stock market is a mystery to many people. A stock is nothing but a piece of ownership of a company. Since companies need financial assistance for growth – they sell pieces... Read more »

Pattern Day Trader

Stock market has two types of participants: traders and investors. Traders are again of two types-short term traders or those who buy shares of companies for a few days and the intra-day... Read more »

Volatile Stocks for Day Trading

Trading volatile stocks is no child’s play. The risks are many and one needs to have the ability to run the risks in order to get good profits. Understanding the concepts of... Read more »

Day Trading Vs. Swing Trading

The investment time scale for a day trader is just a few hours, while a swing trader may play the market for a day or several days depending on the market circumstances.... Read more »

Features of Day Trading Software

The concept of day trading is associated with the stock market, although the term can be applicable to any market trading that opens in the morning and closes during the evening or... Read more »

Day Trading Risks

Many authorities in the United States regulate the exchange of securities, and serve the function of investor protection. Though their work is largely related to enforcing rules, and moderating unethical and illegal... Read more »

Day Trading Robot Review

Day trading is believed to be the most profitable activity in the stock market for stock traders. However, as per the data available, only five percent of the short-term stock traders make... Read more »

Day Trading Rules

Day trading is nothing but the practice trading in shares, stocks, stock options, equity index futures, commodity futures and interest rate futures within a trading day. All the transactions are closed before... Read more »

Information on Scalp Trading

There are many simple strategies that are involved in the process of trading. When people trade in different markets, there is only one objective that is involved in the process, that is... Read more »

What is Forex Day Trading?

Demand and supply are two very important factors that constitute any given economy and market. The forces of demand and supply, their expansion and contraction, their increase and decrease, govern the rise... Read more »