Canada To Get Borderless Debit Card In 2019

TransferWise is looking to bring out the borderless debit card into Canada in 2019 following the great success that the European finance technology firm saw in the U.K. and the Eurozone. The... Read more »

Wireless Network Prices Highest In Canada

If you are living in Canada, then you are paying the highest charges in the world for making use of the cellphone and wireless services. Cellphones usage in Canada is considered to... Read more »

Parcel Business Helps Canada Post Profit In 2017

The Canada Post Group had a wonderful 2017. It has posted a profit of $144 million. This is really good news for the Canada Post as it had only recorded $81 million... Read more »

Canadian Businesses Lure Migrants With Attractive Job Offers

There is a serious shortage of labor in Canada. It is believed that the tough situation can turn out to be a nightmare for all businesses in the near future. In order... Read more »

Bains Wants Corporates In Canada To Step Up

The Minister of Innovation, Science and Economic Development, Navdeep Bains, said that the Liberal government has finished its process to improve diversity among the corporate boards of the publicly traded companies. He... Read more »

Canadian Corporates Start To Use AI Startup Businesses

It is the day and age of Artificial Intelligence. This is what Corporate Canada is making use of to target customers and to boost their sales. There is no doubt that at... Read more »

How Canadian Business Can Prosper By Thinking Big?

The CEO and founder of Wealthsimple, Michael Katchen, is happy that he completed his degree rather than doing away with the thought of dropping out in the middle of the course. He... Read more »

Canadian Business Incubator Gives Outstanding Performance

A Canadian business incubator ranked the number one business accelerator in the world. The Toronto-based York Entrepreneurship Development Institute (YEDI) was designated as the top three business accelerators in North America by... Read more »

What To Expect From The Canadian Business This Coming Week?

The coming week could be a hectic one for the Canadian business. There is a possibility for the British Columbia Premier John Horgan’s government to file a court reference to give clarity... Read more »

Canada Has To Reject Aecon Acquisition Bid By Chinese Company

The Canadian government is thinking over the current acquisition bid made by a Chinese company to take over the state-owned Aecon Group Ltd. This is a very old construction company of Canada.... Read more »

Trudeau Says Canada Is A Good Place For Investment

The Prime Minister of Canada Justin Trudeau is of the opinion that businesses can flourish in Canada. He said that Canada is one of the best places for business investments. At present,... Read more »

Canadian Businesses Should Take Facebook Hullabaloo Seriously

The growth of Facebook Inc. is phenomenal. It has over 2.2 billion active users and about 20% share of the world’s advertising market. The popularity and the power of Facebook have received a... Read more »

Bank Of Canada Sees Good Business Despite Trump Impact

There are many policy uncertainties that the Canadian businesses are facing due to the Trump administration policies. But, this has not deterred the Canadian companies as their business sentiments were at elated... Read more »

Boehner To Join Advisory Board Of Acreage Holdings

The former Republican speaker of the U.S. House of Representatives, John Boehner, is getting associated with a cannabis company. He will be soon joining the advisory board of Acreage Holdings, a private... Read more »

Sobeys Among The Most Admired Companies In Canada

Sobeys is very happy with the results of the Leger survey. It has put that Sobeys grocery chain is one of the most admired companies in Canada. It is the best when... Read more »

Farmers Business Network Sets Base In High River

The Farmers Business Network has expanded into Canada. This Silicon Valley technology company has set up its base at High River. This will be its Canadian headquarters. The company has hired more... Read more »

What Fleet Complete CEO Offers To The Company?

The Fleet Complete is one of the leading technology companies in Canada. The company has been in operation for 15 years. Tony Louries is the co-founder and CEO of this company. He... Read more »

Canada Soccer Business To Invest Money Into Soccer Properties

The Canadian Premier League is all set to start in 2019. It looks like Canada is getting ready for welcoming the 2026 World Cup to its soil. The Canadian Premier League (CPL)... Read more »

Mid-Canada Business Jet Show To Showcase Business Aircrafts

Winnipeg International Airport is the venue for the Mid-Canada Business Jet Show. This aircraft show will feature some of the best business aircraft made by manufacturers like Gulfstream, Dassault, Pilatus, and HondaJet.... Read more »

Canadian Women Need Help From National Council To Run Big Firms

It is a very good idea that more and more women take up businesses in Canada. In order to develop more females to run larger companies, it is important that Canada has... Read more »

Canadian Small Businesses Are Vulnerable To Cyber Attacks

The small businesses in Canada do not have the necessary tools to handle the cyber security breach. It is seen that almost one-third of the small businesses in Canada are unknowingly letting... Read more »

Canada At Risk Of Seeing Banking Crisis

The Bank of International Settlements (BIS) has listed some of the economies of the world that could face a banking crisis in the near future. The name of Canada belongs in the... Read more »

The State Of Businesses And Entrepreneurs In Canada

The business investment and the state of entrepreneurs in Canada is a pathetic one. They have been going through plenty of tax reforms and increased regulations for a few years. Apart from... Read more »

LNG Canada To Start Constructions This Year

The LNG Canada put a break in the liquefied natural gas project in Kitimat in 2016. It was made clear by the CEO Andy Calitz that they have not shelved the project... Read more »

Canada At Risk Of Seeing Banking Crisis

The Bank of International Settlements (BIS) has listed some of the economies of the world that could face a banking crisis in the near future. The name of Canada belongs in the... Read more »

Why Canadian Malls Are Seeing Dismal Sales?

The malls were the favorite hangout place for the teenagers and also a good to place for shopaholics. But, it is not all roses now for these huge malls. The biggest retail... Read more »

Unemployment Rate In Canada Falls To 5.8% In February

The unemployment rate in Canada moved a bit down and was at 5.8% in the month of February. There were about 15,000 new jobs that were added in Canada last month. The... Read more »

Canada Needs Major Tax Reform

Allan Lanthier, the former chairperson of the Canadian Tax Foundation, said that Canada requires major changes in their tax code to achieve competitiveness in businesses to attract best business investments. The Senate... Read more »

Canadian Dollar Slides Below 77 Cents US

The loonie has been seeing a steady sliding in the market. The value of the Canadian dollar has gone down to its lowest level in comparison with the US dollar since last... Read more »

Canadian Small Business Prospers Beyond Its Borders

A new trend that is emerging from the Canadian small businesses shows that they are making good money by selling their goods across the borders. In fact, the small businesses are prospering... Read more »

Computer Outage Causes Air Canada Check-In Interruption

The passengers wanting to check-in to board their respective flights of Air Canada faced a problem at the check-in counter on Tuesday. The computers at the check-in counters of Air Canada were... Read more »

Online Business Women Community To Promote Women In Business

  Canadian Business Chicks are an online initiative started by Monica Kretschmer. This Calgary based online community is gaining nationwide attention. The ambassadors of this group are trying to promote women in... Read more »

Inflation Rates Ease For The Month Of January

The consumer price index (CPI) saw a slight growth in the year-over-year review. It was at 1.7 percent in January 2018 when compared to the 1.9 percent annual increase it showed in... Read more »

Cost Cutting Measures On The Anvil For Air Canada

Air Canada is looking at a massive cost-cutting plan. It wants to save $250 million through this new cost-cutting plan that it will bring out in 2019. The airline is facing a... Read more »

Canadian House Prices Show Rise

The Canadian real estate sector is experiencing a good start in 2018. The house prices in the country are on the rise in January. Toronto is experiencing the first gain after a... Read more »

Trump’s New Tax Reforms Could Affect Canada’s Economy

The leading banks in Canada feel that the new tax reforms brought forth by the United States President Donald Trump could have a negative effect on the Canadian firms and the economy.... Read more »

Canadian Stocks Reduce Some Of Its Last Week’s Losses

The Toronto stock index had suffered a huge setback last week as it dropped more than 8 percent. But, things have started on a positive note on Monday for the main stock... Read more »

Canadian Economy Sees Huge Job Drop In January 2018

A total of 88,000 job losses were seen by the Canadian economy in January. The losses in the jobs were mainly seen in the part-time work. This is the biggest slide in... Read more »

SalesForce Looking For Business Foothold In Canada

SalesForce wants to have a solid base for its business in Canada. It has announced that it will be investing $2 billion in Canada over the next five years. This announcement was... Read more »

Liberals Driving Business Investments Out Of Canada

The Federal Liberal government in Canada is looking to come out with small business tax. It looks like the Justin Trudeau lead government is not in favor of business investments in the... Read more »

Businesses In Canada In Sync With Global Businesses

There is no need to worry about the future of Canadian business, according to the recent Deloitte survey. The first survey of Deloitte Private asked the businesses in Canada and across the... Read more »

Canada’s Augmented And Virtual Reality Industry Lacks Local Investors

The augmented and virtual reality business in Canada is looking for native investors in their business. They want homegrown investors very badly to prevent the profits of their business crossing the borders... Read more »

NAFTA Uncertainty Affecting Investment Decisions: Morneau

The NAFTA uncertainty is restricting the companies from making new investments, according to Bill Morneau, the Canadian Finance Minister. The Finance Minister made the statement during the news conference in Toronto. Earlier,... Read more »

Ottawa To Invest $700 Million In Clean Technology Growth

The Business Development Bank of Canada will receive $700 million from the federal government over a period of five years to grow the clean technology industry. This fund will give the bank... Read more »

Business Development Bank Expects Boost in Business Investment

The Business Development Bank of Canada (BDC) announced that there will be a boost of 3% in investment made by small and mid-sized businesses. According to the bank, the hike is mainly... Read more »

How Hike in Interest Rates Could Affect Preferred Shares?

The Bank of Canada governor, Stephen Poloz, will announce the hike in the interest rates very soon. The investors in the first issue of the preferred shares of the year will see... Read more »

Christine Explains Why Coach Herdman Switched sides

The captain of the Canadian women’s national team Christine Sinclair has come up with her response as to why the head coach of the women’s team John Herdman moved over to the... Read more »

Canadians To See Introduction of New Bank Capital Rules

The banking regulator in Canada has confirmed that new capital rules are going to be introduced. These new rules will help the banks in Canada to keep up the pace to adopt... Read more »

Shell Contemplating the Fate of LNG Canada Project

Shell Canada Ltd. is all set to take a final call on the much delayed $40 million LNG Canada Project. They are thinking over on whether to invest in the project or... Read more »

Canadians Top Priority Is to Reduce Debts: CIBC Poll

The Canadian people want to reduce their debt loads in 2018. An annual opinion survey made by CIBC reveals that 25% of the Canadians want to lower their debts or to end... Read more »

Better Prospects for Edmonton Economy in 2018

The year 2017 was a good year for the Alberta economy. It saw a high after two consecutive years of recession. There is a prediction from leading economists that the Edmonton city... Read more »

Chagger Concedes Just Soon After Business Tax Backlash

Canadian minister of small business and tourism recently recognized that Liberals need to do their homework in a bit better way prior proffering the series of controversial alterations to tax code. It... Read more »

What Is The People’s Reaction About The GOP Tax Bill? Here What They Think

There are some of the businesses, advocacy as well as trade groups that are having high concerns with it. However, others consider it as a tax plan which will boost the company.... Read more »

Morneau Summaries The Tax Revisions For Small Business As A Result Of Outcry Of Community

The Liberal government is making the reductions further to owners of small-businesses as a Senate study has concluded that Bill Morneau the Finance Minister should scrap his tax plan which is in... Read more »

Completion Of Final GOP Tax Bill

On Friday, Republicans were joyful as tax plan has been finalized which is bridging between House and Senate bills and taking steps to take legislation from Trump by Christmas. With this the... Read more »

Derek Mackay Was Advised By Top Scottish Government Adviser Against ‘Substantial Divergence’ From UK Tax Rates

Financial Secretary, Derek Mackay was warned against setting up of income tax bands at a “substantially” different rate what is prevailing in the rest of the UK, the information has been revealed now.... Read more »

Chief Executive Officer of Marriott Says Trump’s Administration Isn’t Favorable for the Travel Industry

Someone who is well known in the travel industry has mentioned that President Trump may not be helping business owners in the field with his policies. He further disclosed that for obvious... Read more »
Toronto home sales down and condos up

Toronto Real Estate Board Says Toronto Home Sales Down But Condo Prices Still Rising

The Greater Toronto Area had September home sales that were down 35% over the same period last year, yet condo prices still continue to rise. The latest report from the Toronto Real... Read more »
Uber stopping service in Quebec

Ride-Hailing Service Uber to Stop Quebec Service Next Month

Uber announced that it will cease operations of their ride-hailing service in Quebec as of October 14, 2017. The decision comes after tough new legislation was announced last week. This is sad... Read more »
US angers Canada and UK

US Angers UK and Canada with Latest Tariffs

On Tuesday, the United States Commerce Department implemented preliminary anti-subsidy duties on CSeries jets produced by Bombardier. The news came after Boeing recently accused Canada of unfair subsidizing of the aircraft. The... Read more »

Reynald Vito Grattagliano: creator of the world’s first 0% ABV non-alcoholic spirit

United States, New York, New York – 03-26-2019 ( — Back in 2007, Reynald Vito Grattagliano was inspired to produce alcohol free spirits following an episode with his 22 year-old son, who... Read more »

Calabasas 19 year old teenager learns that her depression was actually caused by an imbalance of a trace mineral in her body.

USA – 03-26-2019 ( — When instagram influencer enchanting_odette also known as Allie Odette was 3 years old her parents took her to get ears pierced and right after they noticed a... Read more »

New company announcement – Hemp Harvest Innovations (HHI, LLC)

United States, Colorado, Boulder – 03-26-2019 ( — Business leaders, early-stage investors, leading scientists and engineers announce the formation of Hemp Harvest Innovations to revolutionize botanical extraction for the hemp industry. Seven... Read more »

ESI Analyst and Litigation Discovery Group Announce Channel Partnership

United States, Washington, Seattle – 03-26-2019 ( — Relationship Brings Innovative Investigation and Analytics Technology with Local Support to Firms in Las Vegas.   ESI Analyst, a Tidal Change Technologies, Inc. SaaS... Read more »

Pastoring the Executive – A new approach to business coaching that could revolutionize executive work/life balance

United States, California, Corona – 03-26-2019 ( — The pressures of building and growing a business are taking a toll on many executives. To help overcome this, successful CEO and pastor Charlie... Read more »


Canada, Ontario, Ottawa – 03-26-2019 ( — FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE QuickSilk announced that it has joined HubSpot as a Connect Beta Integrator. HubSpot, a leading growth platform, works with Connect integrators to... Read more »

DEHN published “the ultimate buying guide on hydraulic breaker hammers”.

Shandong, China – 03-26-2019 ( — DEHN, a leading brand of hydraulic breaker hammer, today published “the ultimate buying guide on hydraulic breaker hammer”.  The publication is authorized by the DEHN breaker... Read more »

Fiona Davis inducted into IAOTP’s Hall of Fame

Australia, Victoria, Melbourne – 03-25-2019 ( — Fiona E. Davis, Educational Consultant for the People Development Command section of Victoria Police in Melbourne, Australia was recently just inducted into the International Association... Read more »

Beverly Hills Ca 90210: Marty Halfon Joins The Agency

United States – 03-25-2019 ( — The Agency is proud to announce that real estate agent Marty Halfon has joined its growing team at the Beverly Hills office.   the agency welcomes... Read more »

Planning a Family? Get Expert Advice at 2nd Annual South Florida Fertility Expo

United States – 03-25-2019 ( — Have you read the latest startling statistics about fertility in the U.S.? Apparently Americans aren’t making enough babies to sustain the population, according to a recent... Read more »