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JACKSONVILLE, FLORIDA AREA – 05-17-2018 (Press Release Jet) — “Chappelear is the ultimate life coach. John teaches us all to focus on what’s really important –our health and values, our families and friends. Step off the train for just a moment and listen to one of the best.” – Dr. Bob Rosen, CEO Healthy Companies International and author of Leading People and Global Literacies

For years, John Chappelear’s personal mantra was, “Everything! All the Time! Right Now!” (E.A.R.N.)

A success by every external standard, Chappelear built a multimillion-dollar business, owned luxury homes, and cars, and enjoyed all the benefits that lots of money can buy. However, this all-consuming quest for “more” ultimately led to a divorce, estrangement from his children, and a crisis of faith in himself and the value of his life. Then, in a bitter twist of fate — or what John has come to call his own “Gift of Devastation” — he lost the business that he had worked so relentlessly to build …

Today, as a self-described Recovering Big Shot, Chappelear has committed himself to the pursuit of success WITH significance. In changing the priorities of his own life, he developed and codified the Daily Six — six simple concepts that provide a daily bridge between career success and personal well-being and have become the cornerstone of his personal and organizational consulting work.

According to the Daily Six, changing the focus of one’s life begins with “willingness,” germinates in “quiet time,” and flourishes through “service to others.”  The journey to a well-balanced life is enlightened by “love and forgiveness” and is enabled by “gratitude” but can only be fulfilled through “action.” When observed daily, these principles result in both career achievement and personal contentment. 

Permanent Positive Change, Period!

John and his company Changing the Focus, LLC deliver positive, powerful, and balanced individuals, and more productive, creative, and profitable organizations. 

John is internationally recognized as an expert in life balance, leadership, and emotional intelligence.

John’s book The Daily Sixoriginally published by GP Putnam in 2006 won the best book award from USA Book News. 

John is a monthly contributing author to American Cities Business Journals and has published more than 100 articles on leadership, positive culture, change and emotional intelligence.

The Daily Six is available on: in paperback and kindle versions        
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