Colastrina, The Botox in Capsules That Helps Rejuvenate Skin

LISBON, PORTUGAL – 02-22-2018 — Abstract: Colastrina is a new type of supplement which acts on the most important parts of the body, helping to rejuvenate skin and improve the overall condition thanks to its active ingredients. It also helps in dissolving cellulite and eliminating stretch marks, while also reducing sagging and strengthening hair and nails.

Today’s market hosts many types of supplements, each of them acting on a different part of the body. Colastrina is a new type of supplement. It has been called by experts as “Botox in capsules”, with the differential that it is an extremely less aggressive product for your body. Being an extremely efficient hydrolyzed collagen supplement, it allows the body to lose all its flaccid areas, which leads to greater skin firmness.

Colastrina has in its formula the indispensable proteins so that this type of situation is even more efficient and differentiated for you. Thus it enables customers to avoid difficulties and problems of any kind in the future.

One of the major advantages of Colastrina is that it does not require any specific “ritual”, and is a great way to make you have to rejoice from a treatment without pain. Also there is no need for wasting more times in the clinics or such.

“Customers will have firmer and firmer skin taking just two capsules a day!”, says Claudia Marques, Communications Director of Necessitae, creators of Colastrina.

“If that is not the best solution to your skin aging problems, stretching, cellulite and the like, I no longer know what it is! More interestingly, with the use of Colastrina, losing a little weight is one of the side effects that end up being recognized, since your body’s nutrition through supplementation will help you to moderate your appetite and prevent you from eat more than you need.”, adds Claudia.

It is general scientific knowledge that consumption of collagen supplements helps the skin, but what makes Colastrina the most incredible supplement you will ever know is how collagen is sent to your body.

As capsules are also produced with proteins, they have a much more efficient action in your body, preventing you from having to feed more for the reconstruction of damaged tissues. As time goes by, the collagen network that holds your skin together will wear out, causing wrinkles and flaccid areas to appear.

With collagen supplementation, this network ends up being rebuilt, but if selected proteins are not shipped along with it, your willingness to feed may increase and you may have a weight gain situation. Colastrina avoids this second difficulty by bringing in the formula a selection of proteins specially made to interact with collagen, allowing you to have the desired result without requiring anything else from your body.

The official Colastrina website has some great testimonies from people who have had their lives changed by the product, in a good way. And there is also an additional case: if customers do not like the product or if it does not bring the expected results in maximum 30 days, they can return it and have all the invested money returned, without any kind of problems. This is like a satisfaction guarantee from creators of Colastrina. More information can be found on .

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Necessitae is a Portuguese company focused on weight loss and healthy living, having a range of successful products as well as blog with diet tips and essential advice. The company is focused on meeting a global demand and extending its reach further than the competition. Further details are available on .

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