Going Paperless for the Rest of Us! FriendlyStack by Friendly River LLC Launched on Kickstarter

BASEL, SWITZERLAND – 06-18-2018 (Press Release Jet) — FriendlyStack is a Network Appliance for managing physical and electronic documents as well as photos and videos. Like other appliances (think of a photocopier or a toaster) FriendlyStack is designed to fulfill its purpose as simply and efficiently as possible. 

FriendlyStack was designed with lazy people in mind.

Managing your stuff with FriendlyStack is effortless and doesn’t require a PhD in Computer Wizardry (this is why FriendlyStack has just one button).

Despite being supercharged with the 21st century’s latest tech, FriendlyStack dares to be different: FriendlyStack is not a cloud solution! FriendlyStack stores your data locally, right there in the box you see, own and control. This is data privacy you can touch!

Nevertheless, FriendlyStack offers the flexibility of a cloud solution: you can interact with FriendlyStack using virtually any smartphone, tablet, notebook or PC connected to your home network. All you need is a Web browser to interact with FriendlyStack and access your stuff. If you can remotely connect to your home network (through a VPN for example) then you have access to all your documents, photos and videos, where ever your journey takes you!

Unlike cloud solutions, there is no recurring service fee. You own the hardware FriendlyStack runs on and you own FriendlyStack as it is Open Source!

Help fund FriendlyStack on Kickstarter!


Media Contacts:

Company Name: Friendly River LLC
Full Name: D. Kallivroussis
Email Address: Send Email
Website: http://www.friendlyriver.com

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