USA – 07-04-2018 — Media and Retail Executive- Steven Marcano, opens up a one stop shop for media, branding and product placement, with the launch of The Steven Marcano Holdings Group, LLC ( TSMHG).

For many years, I have been the middle man’ or the closer, in many multi- million dollar deals. I have always taken home a percentage of the pot, which I am not complaining about, because I have personally made millions of dollars, on those deals. But when these deals have ended up, with my ‘ small percentage’ being a couple of million , it is now time forme to take those same opportunities, all of the things that I have learned and the amazing relationships and resources that I have established and make the bigger deals, myself and spread out those blessings,” explains Marcano, CEO of the newly formed, The Steven Marcano Holdings Group, LLC (TSMHG).

The Steven Marcano Holdings Group, LLC, will be a company, who’s niche will be in partnering different entertainment platforms and media platforms, with products, corporations, personalities and events. Rather than exposure, for exposure’s sake, TSMHG will maximize the opportunities and the profitability for all entities.

“ There will be a ‘rhyme and a reason’ for every placement. Everything will be strategic and profitable,” says Marcano. The theme here is the old saying- ‘ Work smarter, not harder.’ I always grind hard, there is no other way that I know how to do it, but if I match my strategy with how I work- my work ethic , the possibilities and the means of profitability become endless.

The first projects , from TSMHG will involve two, television projects and a movie, as well as the relaunching of the diaper and baby products company, founded by Marcano- My Lil Star.

For more information or for interviews with Mr. Steven Marcano , please contact Sabrina Lott , with BMB Publicity at 832-487-5994 or

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