New Art Instruction Video Released by William A. Schneider About Composition Secrets for Figure Painting

“What I’m trying to do is divide the world of art into modules, such as how do you use value to compose a painting, how do you use color to compose a painting — so it’s breaking down this huge world of issues into little bite-size chunks.”

BOYNTON BEACH, Fla. September 15, 2018

Liliedahl Art Videos has released a new instructional video from William A. Schneider titled “William A. Schneider: Composition Secrets for Figure Painting.” The video includes Bill’s unique exercises and examples from revered artists including Rembrandt and Sorolla, and is designed to help students achieve stronger compositions and better paintings. It also includes a complete step-by-step demonstration for painting a figure in an interior setting.

Students of painting learn (usually in this order) shapes, values, color temperature, edges, and ultimately design. And design trumps all the rest! A painting with good composition but mediocre rendering will still fly off the wall. A painting with wonderfully painted figures or objects that are poorly placed will likely never sell.

In this video, artist William A. Schneider uses the design principles of master artists Rembrandt, Waterhouse, Sorolla, Zorn, and more to help artists understand and then apply those principles to their own artwork. Then they’ll put together all they’ve learned as they follow along with a start-to-finish painting demonstration that incorporates these elements. Artists will take their figure paintings to the next level with this these insightful painting lessons!

“What I’m trying to do is divide the world of art into modules, such as how do you use value to compose a painting, how do you use color to compose a painting…. So, it’s breaking down this huge world of issues into little bite-size chunks.” –William A. Schneider

Other Lessons Included in This Video:
How to design with a dominant value
Andrew Loomis’ four basic value structures
How to use notan (the Japanese principle of simplifying light and dark masses) to create a powerful design that will stop viewers in their tracks.
How to design with a dominant hue (the Munsell color system) to create an effective color harmony
Placement of key elements on the picture plane
Alphonse Mucha’s composition theories
Edgar Payne’s design “stems”
How to create drama in the finished piece
How to develop a visual concept
How to go from concept to finished painting, as you complete a figure painting step by step

Visual Concept
Placement on the Picture Plane
Design Motifs
Value as Design
Color as Design
Demo: Prepare Your Subject
Demo: Tone & Add Placement Guidelines
Demo: Draw to Place the Subject
Demo: Block-In
Demo: Paint the Head
Demo: Paint the Figure
Demo: Develop the Background
Demo: Final Details

About the Artist
William A. Schneider was trained at the American Academy of Art, and went back to art school in 1992 after careers in the music business and finance. Along the way he also took workshops from such noted artists as Harley Brown, Scott Christensen, Daniel Gerhartz, and Richard Schmid. Although Bill paints all subjects, he is most interested in painting the figure. As he says, “Painting is one of the most challenging and interesting of human endeavors; the beauty of art is that you never stop learning!” You can find Bill on Facebook, and at

About Liliedahl Video Productions
Liliedahl Video productions has been producing art instruction videos for 29 years and was a pioneer in the art instruction business. Founded by artist Johnnie Liliedahl and husband Ralph Liliedahl, Liliedahl Video Productions continues to produce, film, edit, and market art instruction and demonstration videos (Streaming and DVD) for some of the best known, award-winning, most admired and successful artists in the United States.

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