Nightshade Studios Inaugural Charity Golf Tournament to Be Held in Seoul on 22 October 2018

LOS ANGELES – 10-18-2018 ( — Numerous celebrities and directors in the entertainment industry are avid golfers and the sport itself is view as one meant for the aristocratic and elite. The US BusinessWeek has also done a series of write-ups and reports on golfing, indicating that good golfers usually owns superior leadership skills. Scott McNealy, co-founder of Sun Microsystems, who was voted the best in the US business community, believes that golf and business operations have the greatest commonality. 

 Night Shade Studios is an international holding company with an extensive portfolio of subsidiaries that includes entertainment, food, and beverages, clothing, housing, recreation, and entertainment. In addition to the emergence in various entertainment-oriented trade shows and fairs in recent years, Night Shade Studios has also integrated blockchain into their entertainment and real estate development. At the same time, they are also actively expanding in the Asia-Pacific region where they currently have many members in China, Korea, Thailand, Vietnam…etc. While developing business in various countries, Night Shade Studios does not neglect its corporate social responsibility. From time to time, they participate in and organizes various public welfare activities to return the interests of business development to the public.
Night Shade Studios will be holding a charity golf tournament in Gapyeong Benest cc, Seoul, South Korea on the 22 October 2018. The registration fee for the participants will be donated in full for the development of the fourth industry in Korea while one of the prizes for the tournament will be a Mercedes C Class. Night Shade Studios is looking forward to adding vitality to the Korean entertainment industry through this event. They will also be inviting two Korean professional players to the tournament so as to provide a good learning opportunity for golf enthusiasts and professional players.

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