Release2Innovation Announces The Release of Premium Threat Intelligence Engine System Designed for Companies and Enterprises

In a digital era where things are always at risk of failure and hacking, R2i has designed a system which enables companies to protect their essential private data against ill-intentioned people. The solution comes in the form of Musubu software.

WASHINGTON, DC – 02-14-2018 (Press Release Jet) — Release2Innovation (R2i) is pleased to make a major announcement, the public release of Musubu® ( which comes after years of careful study and planning. In a market amassed in blacklists, whitelists and watchlists, Musubu stands by its own. Powered by leading cyber analytics, Musubu is engineered to confront the threats of today and tomorrow.

Musubu is never on standby since it is constantly collecting, harmonizing and aggregating information from across the globe, in order to continuously update the network threat models in real time. On its own, Musubu provides coverage for a variety of the most menacing threats facing public and private organizations.

Musubu is the debut Threat Intelligence Engine for securing your endeavour in the era of Internet of Things (IOT).

Musubu speaks to the core of the majority of R2i’s risk observing and long haul information investigation, wrapped into a straightforward, electronic API. Danger scores speak to a mix of variables incorporating built up nearness in a known class of dangers, connections to other known terrible on-screen characters, and nations of source known to harbor cyberterrorists, hoodlums, and state-supported programmers. The RESTful API underpins shifting levels of yield contingent upon profundity of examination required.

Musubu gives users a chance to screen all aspects of the system with great accuracy. The system provides advanced risk assessment against ransomware, Dark Web online crooks, and different other virtual lawbreakers.

Main features of Musubu include:

– Musubu Threat Intelligence Service fully searchable by network address

– Comprehensive coverage of DarkWeb Access points (public and hidden)

– Comprehensive coverage for Ransomware related entities

– Comprehensive coverage for 19 other common digital threats

– Threat intelligence scoring built on years of data analyzing

– Network classification model providing context about network of origin

Each year, their team processes millions of events and entities from a variety of structured and unstructured, well-vetted sources. Their engine is always performing; malware origins are continually reviewed, analyzed and added to provide their clients with the most comprehensive common operating picture of the threats which they face.

Summary: About Release 2 Innovation LLC

Founded in early 2014, Release 2 Innovation (R2i) is a provider of Service Intelligence-based products collected from across the globe and delivered in the form of databases and services.


Release 2 Innovation is a Veterans Administration Certified Service Disabled Veteran Owned Small Business (SDVOSB) and Veteran Owned Small Business (VOSB) privately held and based in Lothian, Maryland. The company is in permanent expansion and aims to create a safer environment for everyone.


Contact Information:

Name: Wayne Wheeles (CEO)



Media Contacts:

Company Name: Release 2 Innovation LLC
Full Name: Bradford Lee
Phone: 4434639558
Email Address: Send Email

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