RTO Finance Corp. Initial Public Offering

Press Release updated: Feb 14, 2018 06:00 EST

GULF BREEZE, Fla., February 14, 2018 – With the goal of raising capital to fund Rent-to-Own contracts exclusively in the rapidly growing portable storage building industry, RTO Finance Corporation (RTOF) is pleased to announce its first public offering of stock to interested investors. With an initial direct offering of 5,000,000 shares available for fixed initial price of $4/share, RTO Finance Corporation (RTOF) is offering a minimum return on investment of 7.00 percent (annual rate of return).

RTO Finance Corp. is a Delaware incorporated company, established to provide financing to the Rent-To-Own (RTO) portable storage building industry. RTOF provides a consistent structured source of financing specifically to RTO contract investors. The need for funding sources for RTO contract investors has grown significantly, especially in the portable storage building industry. Many RTO contract investors are financed by community banks. As demand for funding grows, community banks are pushed beyond internal, and/or external, credit capacities and RTO investors must find new funding sources.

RTO Finance Corp was established to raise capital from the equity markets. These funds will be utilized by RTOF to provide commercial RTO contract financing to RTO contract investors. RTOF has developed an exclusive relationship with a major manufacturer of portable storage buildings, Premier Buildings, which provides a growing and continual stream of RTO contracts across 31 states and Canada. In 2017, Premier Buildings produced approximately $60M in RTO contracts and is experiencing an annual growth in RTO sales of 25-30 percent. This model can easily be duplicated with other portable storage building manufacturers.

RTOF uses proven finance strategies designed to meet investor risk tolerance and stand up against market volatility. As an investor, you can count on unbiased recommendations and impartial guidance based directly on your needs and goals.

“RTOF will pay minimum dividends on common stock of 7.00 percent,” said Ben Rudd, RTO Finance Corporation CEO, CFO & Director. “RTOF will declare a 7.00 percent annual cash dividend on common stock, paid quarterly. There will be a minimum return on investment of 7.00 percent annually to each RTOF investor.”

RTOF’s initial public offering is available for funding immediately.

For more information on RTOF, its offering or to invest, visit either RTO Finance Corporation’s website: rtofinancecorp.com or IPOFLOW at: http://ipoflow.com/deal-show/id-94.html

About Ben Rudd, CEO/CFO/Director:

Ben Rudd has more than 33-plus years in commercial bank management and credit experience and has served in various capacities including President and CEO for over 15 years. Ben was instrumental in starting a company (BancAccess, Inc.) with 4 community banks to produce commercial loans and share basic bank-related services.

As it relates to the portable storage business and rent-to-own (“RTO”) contract business, Ben provides valuable guidance and direction since he is already experienced in both. His knowledge and credit experience with both began approximately 18 years ago. In 2013, Ben formed a company that has acquired over 3,000 portable storage building/shed RTO contracts, having an asset value over $20 million. His company presently acquires, on average, $650,000 in monthly RTO contracts, portable storage buildings/sheds, and that amount continues to increase monthly. Currently, RTO contracts are purchased in Minnesota, Wisconsin, Alabama, and Florida.

For more information/contact:

Ben Rudd, President/CEO, RTO Finance Corp.

Source: RTO Finance Corp.

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