SuitePOS for NetSuite Gives MUD a Makeover

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“SuitePOS and NetSuite have been a huge time saver for MUD and allows us to give our customers a better brick and mortar shopping experience. Everything always works!”

NEW YORK May 17, 2018

Make-up Designory (MUD), founded in 1998, was created as a place for higher learning in the field of make-up education. They are the largest make-up school in the U.S. with their two main campuses in Los Angeles and New York City, along with over 20 MUD Studio locations around the world.

MUD also has two retail stores at their LA and NYC locations offering their own cosmetic line that was specifically developed based on the needs of their students. MUD chose SuiteRetail and SuitePOS, built for Oracle NetSuite, for their in-store retail management solution and trade show transactions.

MUD places a high value in offering their customers and students the best experience possible when they enter their retail stores. They focus on personalized attention, going as far as to give their customers free makeovers when shopping at MUD, while educating the customer in each step of the make-up process.

Since spending this extra time with the customer is so important to MUD, they wanted to make their check-out process as smooth and quick as possible. Previously operating on NetSuite POS, MUD experienced issues with slow transactions and item look-up.

“Since our students purchase their school supplies at our MUD retail locations, we would often be ringing up multiples of the same product. It would sometimes take up to two minutes just to scan a duplicate item using the old system,” said Troy Watson, Director of Sales at MUD. “Both employee time and customer time was being wasted due to the slow system.”

MUD saw how fast and easy SuitePOS was for both their clerks and customers and were able to make an easy decision. When MUD made the switch to SuitePOS, everything changed.

MUD is now saving valuable employee time through fast transaction speeds, and are able to operate and process transactions even when the system goes offline. SuitePOS offers user-friendly line item scanning and allows customers to sign for their credit card transactions right on the iPad while receiving email copies of their receipts.

“We knew we needed to continue using NetSuite for the back-end of our retail business and our education programs,” noted Watson. “SuitePOS integrated so seamlessly and allowed us to manage all of our data on one platform. SuitePOS and NetSuite have been a huge time saver for MUD and allows us to give our customers a better brick and mortar shopping experience. Everything always works!”

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SuiteRetail helps unify commerce at some of the most modern and sophisticated brands in the world. SuitePOS, built on Apple, makes things simple and efficient in your stores and connects you to powerful back-office systems, such as Oracle NetSuite and the Salesforce platform. These systems run your CRM, marketing, supply chain, inventory, eCommerce, and finance.

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