Contaminated eggs: survey widens to a second insecticide, amitraze

On Friday, the Ministry of Agriculture said the Sanitary Agency was looking for amitraz, an insecticide as banned as fibronil, in eggs.

The survey on contaminated eggs is expanding to a second insecticide, amitraze. On Wednesday, the Dutch government revealed that a second “moderately toxic” product was used in a breeding in the Netherlands by Chickfriend , the service provider involved in the fipronil case.

Consequently, the French government announced on Friday that it had asked ANSES (National Agency for Sanitary, Food, Environmental and Occupational Safety) “to evaluate the possible health risk posed by the presence Such residues in eggs “. The ministry also said that “some French farms” of laying hens had used this insecticide.

“No marketing authorization for the poultry sector”

It states that unlike fipronil, which is prohibited in animal production, amitraze is authorized as a veterinary medicinal product for the treatment of ruminants, pigs and bees. On the other hand, “it does not have a marketing authorization for the poultry sector, whether in animal treatment or disinfection of empty livestock buildings, because no application Filed with the European Commission “.

His services explain how to take advantage of these operations to research the possible use of fipronil in order to draw up a wider inventory of practices in the treatment of red louse.

“Some of these practices are currently being investigated further, in particular the use of amitraz products, found in some farms, outside the permitted modes of use,” the ministry said. “A search for residues of this substance in the eggs of the farms concerned is in progress”.

34 positive tests

Moreover, to date, “more than 520 self-checks have been carried out by French companies, mainly by the fifteen of them most concerned by the risk of contamination with fipronil”, the ministry said, recalling that “34 Have been positive, resulting in the withdrawal of the sale of contaminated foodstuffs. ”

“At the same time, official controls are continuing in packaging centers, processing establishments and French wholesalers identified as recipients of contaminated eggs or egg products from Belgium and the Netherlands,” the ministry continues.

“More than 750 samples of eggs or egg products in the coming weeks,” he said in the statement. These samples will be taken at points of sale (random monitoring) but also in companies that have received suspicious products (targeted controls), the ministry said. At the European level, the ministry stresses that the Commission convened a committee of experts in Brussels on 30 August.

Muffins and brownies on department list

The use of fibronil, a banned insecticide in Europe, on food-chain animals by disinfection companies operating in farms in the Netherlands, Belgium, Germany and Pas-de-Calais caused A health scandal that now affects at least 17 European countries.

On Thursday, five references muffins (four sold under the Leader Price brand and one of “Brand Mark”) and two brownies references “Mark Brand” have been added to the dynamic list, posted on the ministry’s website Agriculture . It lists products containing traces of fipronil at a concentration above the regulatory limit and withdrawn from the market in France. However, these products do not pose “health risks”, the ministry said Thursday. It specifies that they are listed for the sake of informing the consumer.

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